UPLIFT, to reduce anxiety and improve focus.

UPLIFT is your new best friend! Always keep it close to you and use when needed to reduce anxiety and stress and improve focus.

UPLIFT will support you through challenging times such as exams, interviews, driving tests, presentations, intensive work and study, competitions, travelling and much more.

UPLIFT will help you to rationalise your emotions and give you clarity to rise above these challenges with confidence.

Throughout our daily lives we often encounter challenging situations. Facing these challenges helps us to develop and grow stronger, but sometimes we need some extra support to get us through.

Anxiety and stress are normal feelings, but we don’t have to live with them. In one way or another, everybody experiences these emotions at some point in their life. No matter how calm and confident we are, things can come along that take us outside of our comfort zone.

If we are studying, sitting an exam, or going for a job interview, we need to maintain focus and keep a clear head, which is often very difficult when the pressure in on! No matter how prepared we are, or how hard we’ve worked, if stress and anxiety take over, we are no longer in control of our emotions. To deal with those emotions, we need to be calm, have courage and focus on what we are going to achieve. 

Many people would say that taking their driving test is one of the most stressful situations they can remember in their life, and for good reason! A driving test requires absolute concentration, focus and control of nerves. When we can calm down and put it into perspective, we can rationalise and realise that a test can be re-taken, and with that calmer approach, the nerves settle, and concentration and focus can be restored.

Often the thought of travelling can bring on anxiety and fear. Flying, or even just travelling to a new destination and wondering what to expect from the journey can cause high levels of stress. When we can relax and focus on the positive aspect of the journey the anxiety is replaced with good feelings and excitement.

Sometimes we are faced with tight deadlines, or situations and tasks that require a high level of focus and concentration. It is highly stressful if you are panicking that you can’t meet a deadline or worried about making a mistake in a crucial moment. It could be a highly technical task, or a competitive sporting event. To tackle this stress, we need clarity and confidence. We need to be able to calmly take a step back, assess the situation and work on the task in hand without anxiety or fear.

And sometimes we are faced with dealing with loss. The loss of a job, or the loss of something very important to us. It is natural in these situations for everything to become overwhelming. The sadness of such an event puts us into a low mood which can feel impossible to lift. In this situation we need clarity to be able to rationalise. Then we need to be brave, and we need to restore balance.