Internal Treatment of Acne

  • Our skin is a reflection of our inner balance and an interconnected organ of the body. To maintain this overall balance, we have created a full internal and external support of specially designed botanical formulations aimed to efficiently work together to restore and maintain the full internal and external prime energy of the affected area. LMB’s specially formulated Anti-Acne Tea Blend is an integral support from within and works beautifully when used together with the Anti-Acne Trio for external treatment. The Anti-Acne Tea is a powerful pure plant blend, specially selected for the extraordinary unique capabilities of each of the selected plants within… read more
  • Improve skin condition by making wise food and drink choices and following a balanced diet. The nutrients and vitamins found in fruits and vegetables will quickly improve your skin. Avoid eating processed foods which are usually high in chemicals, fats, sugar and salt. A predominantly ALKALINE food supported diet is essential for flawless skin. A plant based diet is the optimum choice for fully balanced health.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep the skin cells and tissues clean and replenished. Water helps the body to release toxins and stay hydrated. Remember, drinking caffeinated beverages can have a dehydrating effect, so we need to drink extra water when we have caffeine in our diet.
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