Stress and Acne

Feeling overwhelmed by our daily obligations and expectations is a common feeling for many of us. Some people worry more than others, especially in young adulthood when the world and expectations can be very overwhelming. We know that worry is the main cause of STRESS, feeling overwhelmed, or as it’s known, being put into a “fight or flight state”. This state of mind automatically affects our hormonal balance. The fight or flight state triggers the production of adrenalin, which in turn has a shrinking effect on our soft tissue to ensure there is ample blood supply directed to our heart and muscles to support the necessary action of “running away or fighting”. 

However, in today’s world, when we are experiencing stress, we don’t need to take the fight or flight action to remedy it as our causes of stress are no longer the same. We are more likely to remain in an idle state and not use any of the adrenalin that has been produced.

This reaction, or lack of action, and the limited blood supply to the extremities eventually causes malnourished skin, which loses its self-cleansing efficiency, resulting in blockages the development of pimples and in many cases, acne.

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