External Treatment for Hair Loss

  • LMB’s Anti Hair Loss Trio offers a comprehensive and fast acting combination of internal + external support and is an efficient Natural solution for long-lasting results. The Anti Hair Loss Trio comprises of – Strengthening ShampooDaily Serum for external application + the Hair Strength Anti- Hair Loss Tea Blend Brew for internal support. This trio is also supported by specialty products for specific conditions, such as LMB's Intensive Concentrate for severe hair loss, Daily Tonic for styling and preventing greying and our Nourishing Conditioner for easy management of delicate hair.
  • Our hair follicles also breath, therefore it’s important to avoid pollution and over-exposure to impurities. Keep hair clean and wash frequently with LMB’s Strengthening Shampoo followed with our Nourishing Conditioner, Daily Tonic or Daily Serum, to prevent premature hair loss. However, keep in mind that over-washing hair can also be an irritant and even accelerate loss. For additional support and added lustre and nourishment, rinse the hair after washing with a warm brew of LMB’s Anti-Hair Loss Tea Blend.
  • When wearing hats or scarfs for long periods of time, we need to ensure the hair has some time to be free for good ventilation and to breath. It's also important to change / clean hats and scarfs frequently.
  • It is important to remove hair ties and clips as often as possible to reduce prolonged pulling on the hair.
  • Protect the hair from prolonged sun exposure as an irritated scalp can also contribute to premature fall.
  • Less is more! Our scalp, hair and follicles all have a naturally beautiful balanced energy. Using too many products and procedures can destroy this natural balance. We should keep our hair care routine as simple as possible, preferably using plant based natural products, as these are most biocompatible to our own bodies and are better absorbed than chemical preparations.
  • Prolonged exposure to electrical devices and air conditioning on a daily basis can make the hair static which can result in premature fall. To alleviate a build-up of hair static in the hair and relax the hair follicles, use LMB’s 2-minute Hair Mask, 100% natural, made with Fullers Earth Clay. This clay has the ability to absorb the additional build-up of static in the hair, relaxing the hair follicles and allowing better blood circulation.
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