Hair Loss & Emotional Support

  • Frequent and unnoticed stress is one of the biggest contributors of premature hair fall. Being realistic about our expectations and our achievements within a day will ease this pressure, help us to relax more and help us to sleep much better. Feeling worthy and keeping our self-esteem high is also very important. All of this will help to relax our vascular system providing better oxidation and nourishment to the hair follicles.
  • Get enough sleep. Sleeping allows the hair follicles to regenerate. Keep stimulants such as caffeine and screen time to a minimum before bedtime to get a good quality sleep.
  • Exercise frequently and regularly. When we exercise, the blood flow gives our hair follicles good supply of nourishment. The benefit of working out and keeping fit will reflect through our healthy skin, body and hair.
  • Keep emotions at bay. We should strive to stay cool, calm and collected as much as possible. To rebalance emotionally, it's also important to keep our senses happy, ensuring what we hear, see, taste, touch and smell can all trigger positive feelings, thoughts and emotions. These positive emotions can quickly elevate our spirits and rebalance our energy!
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