External Factors Causing Hair Loss

The quality and quantity of the air we breathe and the daily food and drink we consume has a direct impact on our health. We connect immediately with what we are exposed to internally and externally. We are designed to breath good quality, clean air and eat fresh natural produce. Our hair needs good nourishment as much as the rest of our body does.

Hair needs specific minerals and vitamins which are best absorbed directly from fresh, natural produce. Therefore, eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and avoiding excessive quantities of alcohol and sugary and synthetically derived foods and drinks is key.

In addition, daily over exposure of electrical appliances – computers, air-conditioning, mobile phones, etc. can also have an impact on the health of our hair. We are perfectly balanced electro-magnetic beings, and such exposure raises our electric charge (we become static). This excess of electricity usually collects at the top of our head, making our hair static and brittle. In addition, electricity has a shrinking effect on our capillaries and the hair bulbs of our follicles. This shrinkage does not allow plentiful blood supply and nourishment to the hair, and results in premature hair fall.

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