Hormonal Changes & Hair Loss

Our hormones regulate our body functions and therefore have a direct impact on the health of our hair. Hormonal changes can be triggered during pregnancy, excessive stress, menopause, even an unhealthy daily diet and lack of exercise or sleep can trigger hormonal changes.

However, one of the most common reasons for hair loss is STRESS which can even be passed on through our DNA and has a direct impact on our hormones. Some people worry more than others, often feeling overwhelmed, or as it’s known, experiencing a “fight or flight state” This mind state automatically triggers the production of adrenalin which in turn has a shrinking effect on our internal soft tissue (to ensure ample blood supply is directed to our heart and muscles, to support the action of “running away or fighting”. However, as we nowadays mostly don’t do this when faced with stress, we simply continue to be stationary. This causes a build-up of unused adrenaline, and effectively causes shrinkage of our peripheral blood supply, causing limited supply and nourishment to our hair follicles and eventually manifests in malnourishment of the hair follicle, causing premature hair fall.

Hormonal production of testosterone also can raise the overproduction of DHT which triggers the glands of our hair follicles to overproduce sebum. A build-up of sebum can block the follicles and lead to lack of blood supply, and therefore nourishment.

After childbirth or during menopause certain hormones reduce, and are thrown out of balance, again causing premature hair shedding.

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