Stress & Hair Loss

Our brain is a prediction organ, it subconsciously predicts continuously and forms the decisions that we make based on these predictions. If we think things look good for the future, we feel relaxed, which affects our breathing and blood flow. The brain makes this prediction based on our current situation, expectations, knowledge, experience, etc. Having full faith that the forthcoming events will be satisfactory puts us at ease and our full body functions are balanced. However, if subconsciously, we have even the smallest shadow of a doubt, we start worrying about things that have not even happened yet ...

Feeling overwhelmed by daily obligations and expectations is a common feeling for many of us. Some people worry more than others, this is especially so when our daily commitments and expectations are overwhelming, unrealistic or sometime even risky. We know that worry is the main factor of STRESS, feeling overwhelmed, or as it’s known, putting us into a “fight or flight state” This mind state automatically effects our hormonal state. It triggers the production of adrenalin which in turn has a shrinking effect on our soft tissue to ensure ample blood supply is directed to our heart and muscles, (to support the action of “running away or fighting”). However, as we now mostly don’t do this when we are stressed and continue to be stationary. This in turn causes limited blood supply to the extremities, causing malnourishment and shrinkage of the hair follicles. causing hair fall.

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