Harnessing Plant Energy for Skin & Hair Serums + Medicinal Teas

Successful and sustainable beauty and healing starts from within, with the connection between our mind, skin and body. 

The solutions for many of our health issues are often found by addressing a variety of factors at the same time. At LMB we believe that external treatment alone is not enough. Due to this, we aim to address each issue internally and externally, at the same time.

We are now in an era to be fortunate enough to understand and study different types of energy. Everything within us and around us including our skin, hair, body and thoughts are made of a beautifully balanced energy. With specific skin or hair conditions we are experiencing an imbalance of the natural harmony of our prime energy structures. Our goal is to understand exactly what causes this and then to deliver the missing elements efficiently, allowing us to restore the synchrony of our body, skin and hair.

Our bodies are most biocompatible with the energy held in plants. Therefore, to restore fast and long-term balance within us, we turn to the specific healing powers that are held in our carefully selected plants.

We are designed to be fully balanced, therefore we must understand and follow the code of our design.

A clue to how we are designed lies in firstly understanding our evolution over thousands of years. Due to the escalation in changes of our lifestyle, in many cases we find ourselves to be incompatible with how we are designed.

Our attention nowadays is very much focused on our humanly created circumstances, projects and objects, for which our primary body and mind design is often not compatible and it will take quite some time for us to adapt. Therefore, we frequently find ourselves out of balance, causing us discomfort which manifests itself in our health and appearance.

So how can we best support our selves in good health and youth? The most important thing to remember is - What we connect to is what we are. Understanding the prime design of our bodies and mind (what we are made of and how we are designed to function and think) gives us a clue to what we should connect with. 

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