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Anti-Ageing Hydrating Trio

Anti-Ageing Hydrating Trio

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1. Unrefined Rosehip Oil 15ml

2. Super Hydrate 8 Hour Hydrating Serum 25ml

3. Beauty Tea Blend 10 x 2g filter teabags

At LMB, we believe that healthy skin also comes from within. Using plants internally and externally at the same time helps the body to combine the powerful, positive effects and speeds up the process of receiving the restorative benefits.

Unrefined Rosehip Oil packaged in small bottles to retain freshness by preventing oxidation and remaining super active for up to 7 days after opening. This natural superfood is the highest carrier of natural vitamin C and Tretinoin.

Super Hydrate 8 Hour Serum A highly concentrated serum specially formulated to rejuvenate and moisturise very dry and damaged skin, perfect for all day hydration. Rosehip oil's powerful regenerative bioactive component smoothes fine lines, prevents premature ageing, balances skin tone and brings a natural glow to the skin. Rosewater offers extra nourishment while hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil help skin absorb and retain moisture levels more efficiently. Promotes skin/blood microcirculation and nutrient absorption.

Beauty Tea Blend Combining LMB’s medicinal teas with our plant-based skin serums speeds up the restorative benefits for ultimate results. LMB’s Beauty Tea offers vital internal support as part of our Anti-Ageing Hydrating Trio.

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