Activate your mental firewall

Most of us have a firewall set up on our computers to block viruses. The firewall controls what information can enter and exit the network, protecting it from unauthorised access and viruses.

We wouldn’t dream of knowingly risking our computer and our data by allowing unfiltered information and spam to enter our network, yet we allow this to happen to our brains all the time!

Our brain is our personal computer. We should think carefully about what we allow inside to protect ourselves from harmful influences. We need to create a mental firewall to give us more control over the information we are constantly connecting to. Much of the information around us is “spam” which is entering our thoughts without a filter.

We are bombarded with mental "spam" daily. TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook are all platforms which can often feed our brains with useless and even harmful information. Then there is the spam we encounter face to face, people giving us their opinions that we may not need to hear, or someone being unkind to us. These are all examples of daily spam that we need to filter out. If we learn to filter, we can enjoy social media or socialising in person without paying attention to the things we don’t want to connect to! We can learn to absorb the positives whilst being unaffected by the negatives.

Our brain hygiene depends on the spam we allow to reach it. We should focus on the positives and connect to higher frequencies as much as possible. By blocking out what we don’t need, we have more space and time for good thoughts and vibes!

We are what we connect to. Do we want to be happy, energised and inspired? Do we want everyone around us to feel the same way? Of course, we do!

So don’t be afraid to activate your mental firewall, it’s guaranteed to have a positive effect on both your mental and physical health.

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