Harmonise your Health

When things are in harmony or synchrony, they appear to work together effortlessly, supporting one another. Harmony between the mind and body can also be visible. When our mind and body are in sync, we are healthy, vibrant and effortlessly beautiful! 

The mind and body communicate by sending signals that control everything we do, down to our breathing. But aside from their internal communication, the brain and body also constantly receive signals from the outside world. The balance and harmony of our health can be disturbed and even damaged, depending on these external signals.

When we are subjected to an unhealthy physical environment, our balance and harmony are disturbed and our energy levels are affected. We realise that and pay attention to what surrounds us, in the physical sense. But, what about our brain health? If we think negative thoughts, we connect to negative signals or energies and these energies also affect our body's harmony and our overall health. The signals (or energies) that we connect with play a vital role in determining our mental and physical capabilities.

Ultimately, we must think about brain hygiene the same way we think about physical hygiene. We don't wish to contaminate our food by preparing it with dirty hands, so why would we contaminate our brains with negative thoughts? Our brain needs as much care and attention as our body. We should "think" about what we are "thinking" about.

Just think about that for a minute.

We should be aware of the damage that connecting to poor signals can do to our overall health, but most importantly, we should focus on connecting to the higher vibrations!

It's not difficult to connect to higher vibes. Focus on something you love, and you are already connected. Being grateful and saying thank you for the things you love is a great way to raise your vibrations.

When we raise our vibrations, we are in harmony. Our mind and body can work effortlessly together to achieve our optimum health and beauty, inside and out!

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What are frequencies?

Frequency refers to the number of waves that pass a fixed point in a given amount of time, describing the number of cycles (waves, or VIBRATIONS) undergone during one unit of time by a body in periodic motion. A body in periodic motion is said to have undergone one cycle or one vibration after passing through a series of events or positions and returning to its original state ... read more

Where can we find frequencies?

Any type of energy is also a frequency of waves and can be measured in hertz, volts, amps, or watts, depending on its specifics.  

For example, the sunlight is an energy structure measured in frequency and is composed of ... read more

What are sustainable frequencies?

To support the running of any equipment we must feed it with the appropriate energy that has been specifically designed for it. If we feed it with too much, too little or the wrong fuel it will create an imbalance and it will not function properly.

Just like any mechanical equipment, our bodies are made from a composition of balanced energy structures, and we must feed or medicate ourselves with the specific energy we are designed to receive ... read more

What does the medicine of frequencies mean?

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