Causes of Hair Loss

What are the causes of hair loss?

Luscious, healthy hair is the norm; however, thinning hair is not uncommon and can be treated easily when understood and addressed appropriately. A good knowledge is essential, as our hair is only a reflection of our inner balance and an interconnected organ of the body. To maintain this overall balance, we have created a full support of specially designed powerful botanical formulations aimed to efficiently work together to restore and maintain the full internal and external prime energy and strength of our hair. LMB’s Anti Hair Loss Trio offers a comprehensive combination of internal & external support for maintaining prime hair condition. In addition, LMB successfully combats specific conditions, such as severe hair fall, baldness, hair greying, etc.

Premature hair loss can be caused by many factors; therefore, we need to address them individually.

  • Mental health controlled by our feelings, thoughts and emotions  read more


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